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Through my Adventure Travel Blogs, you can ask, leave a comment or share your experience regarding to Adventure Travel & Holiday to Indonesia. So that others travelers can find reliable information, where to go and visit in Indonesia. Because There are thousands of islands that spread through all of Indonesia archipelago and it has 45 states/provinces from Sumatra in the west to Papua Indonesia in the east. i’am hoping my Adventure Travel Blogs can little help giving contribution about our Bhinneka Tunggal Ika Country.

Each of states has own unique local attractions, cultures, tradition and ethnics. you can imagine! approx 250 mio Indonesian population divided several tribes or ethnics and 5 religions which makes Indonesia is Unity through Diversity. (Bhinneka Tunggal Ika).

Traveling to Indonesia are one of huge desires of travelers as Indonesia provides most everything what you need in life. Highest volcanoes, deep blue sea and dense wilderness includes beautiful natures & rare of wildlife found only in Indonesia. Of course, friendly and warm welcome of Indonesian people. Plus smiling face are one of making you alike at your own home.

Have you planned your holiday trip to Indonesia 2019 or 2020? what is in your thought about travel to Indonesia? what is sort of holiday types do you prefer? Hiking? Adventure? Leisure? Cruising? Diving or just being lazy on white sand beach?. There are heaps of activity to do. our expert travels is able to design what sort of itinerary suit with your request. Even we are able to Customised Trip nature & wildlife programs. So that when you return home with good memories. People say: Life is short. Take the trip. Buy the shoes. Eat the cake.

So, Stay tuned on my blog and if you would to intend to visit Indonesia, just leave a comment on my posting page or contact me through my email. i will be glad to answer of your question. Thank you. Best Regards, Tuan Ramadh Khan. My Adventure Travel Blogs
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