Flores Island Kelimutu and Komodo

Sitting, listen a music, writing is one of great moment in my life. Nothing is compares such as wonderful feeling. Suddenly, i would to describe my thought about Flores Island Kelimutu as i had been there. Thinking a while, ah, the question are: Did you know or haven’t you heard about where three colour lake is? or did you know where the last living monitor lizards is? These two amazing local attractions called Mysterious and Dramatic sights. Yes, it is true as i have seen both this places. Fantastic! you should visit these place if you haven’t yet visit them. Because Mount Kelimutu and Komodo Island are worth seeing and easy access too. it is depending on you what would you like to visit? There is daily flight by Garuda to Labuan bajo from Jakarta as well as from Bali is one of nearest airport to fly to Flores Island. If you would like visit both these place, It is better you must do Flores Trip from Maumere overland through Bajawa and Labuan bajo.

Flores Island Kelimutu and Komodo

If you don’t have time also it is possible just visit one of these: Mount Kelimutu and or Komodo Dragon. The easy access to get to Mt Kelimutu, you  must fly to Maumere/Moni from Bali. There is a daily flight which you can book with your local agent.

Flores Island most visited places: Mount Kelimutu, Komodo Island, Spider web terraces, Wae Rebo and Bena Village. There is that you love to diving, Komodo island is one most wonderful under water sights includes the pink beach and coral reef. to do snorkelling is also a must when visiting Flores island.
flores island

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