Great Adventures with the Great Apes of Borneo

The Great apes Borneo (Orangutan) Research and Rehabilitation Centre, Tanjung Puting National Park, Central Kalimantan (Indonesia Borneo) became the focus of attention after the 2nd International Great Apes of Borneo Conference was held there in December 1991 as a finale to the Visit Indonesia Year. (Any of Indonesian must be remember of this slogan VIY when my excellency M.Soeharto was president of Indonesia – Thank you my excellency so much for your kindness and efforts). Lets go to see the Great apes of Borneo.

No less than 750,000 acres of equatorial swamps and tropical rain forests have been conserved and managed by the Indonesian government’s Department of Forestry, PHPA branch, and partially funded by the Orangutan Foundation International of Los Angeles, under the capable guidance of Dr. Birute M.F Galdikas since 1991. However, a task of such magnitude as the conservation of vast tracts of tropical rain forests not only funding and expertise but also International support and co-operation. The role eco-tourism plays in this process is vital.

Great Adventures with the Great Apes of Borneo

Your Adventure cruise on the meandering seikonyer river and your thrilling trek into the heart of Tanjung Puting National Park will be unique opportunity to observe Orangutans, one of humankind’s closest living cousins, and watch them live, breed and roam freely in their natural habitat. Besides these fascinating red “people of the forest” (Orang = person, Hutan = forest), there will be innumerable other creatures to see and hear. There is the agile Gibbon, the long-nosed Proboscis Moneky, the cra-eating Macaque, the satin blue Kingfisher, the rare Storm stork, the Pied Hornbill and a wide variety of song birds including the versatile song mimic, the Shama. You will also probably find the insects, reptiles and amphibians endlessly absorbing. In fact, you will be entering the realm of prehistoric wonders of nature. In the last Eden, Borneo’s tropical rain forest, you will catch glimpses of fragrant orchids high in the canopy intricate blossoms, lush foliage and colorful fruits deep in the luxuriant heart of this great island. So, welcome to the jungle enjoy your great adventures with the great apes of Borneo.
great apes of borneo

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