Jakarta Things To Do – Hidden Paradise Of Me

I have to think several times what best Jakarta Things To Do? As i visited this big city many times. I also read a few blogs as references to compare with my experienced telling about what things to do and see in Jakarta Viewpoint of me there’s must be a hidden paradise in between crowded city. I’am a kind of person that it is not so easy writing which it is not a real memorable experience in life. As you know, Experience is the best teacher. This is why you travel around the world,, the reason is to get the authentic experiences as well as memorable one. So pick the right places what Jakarta things to do.

Jakarta Things To Do – Hidden Paradise of Me.

I went to  MONAS – The National Monument, As an icon of the city and a symbol of the struggle of Indonesia with 50 kilo grams of gold on top of the tower.  TMII – Taman Mini Indonesia Indah, ( Beautiful Indonesia Miniature Park) is located in the eastern part of the city. which represented of Indonesian cultures, here are one of you can see the wonderful of Indonesia. ANCOL, Is Jakarta has an nice beach? but one things that i don’t understand that i have to paid to enjoy the beach as i know, beach is free for public. Huh, My Jakarta!. Amusement Park – DUFAN (Dunia Fantasi – Fantasy). Even i;am not from Jakarta, from another island in Indonesia, i might not really get it what is fantasy mean. i live in the real world bro. i take my kid to the real experienced of life alike showing how beautiful the volcano landscapes? how nice to do snorkelling in the pristine water. etc. The Istiqlal Mosque and The Catholic Cathedral, these both of awesome building which i personally admire them. it is for me a symbol of living harmony and evidence of the tolerance amongst of religion in Indonesia. Stroll Jalan Surabaya, Do you love antique stuffs? i do love it the real antiques things, you should spare one afternoon till evening to walk down, so that there is something unique in Jakarta Thing to Do & See to be memorable. mostly here selling antique but not are antique things. you should be aware of imitation (newly produced). The Old Town, Batavia, Sunda Kelapa Harbour and Cafe Batavia. It has very strong historical value of Jakarta. This place to memorize of the old Jakarta includes the history which you can see from the fine arts and cheramics in the museums of Fatahillah. Also you should not miss trying out of good coffee serves by Cafe Batavia with good ambience as well as interesting design. The Thousand Island or Pulau Seribu, Visit Tourism Attractions Near Jakarta. As i said that i love something memorable experiences in life, here is the only one of hidden paradise of Jakarta for me. The Thousand Island. I love this island. Even though, i’am sure there are many places things to do in Jakarta alike night life ambience But Personally, Thousand island is impressed me much. If you would to go to Pulau Seribu, go first to Marina Ancol or Muara Angke harbor where from the harbor take you 1 – 3 hours to one of these island. It depend of your budget. If you want a comfortable trip, then Macan island and Bidadari island is good for you. If you are travel on budget, then Tidung Island, Pramuka Island or Harapan Island is the option. Other than Jakarta things to do and see, you may consider to go to Puncak and through Bandung or escape to Carita beach to see the volcano on the sea, Mount Krakatoa.

If there is/are something that i missed to write here, do not hesitate to leave a comment. No one is perfect as i always make mistake once and learn from the mistake.
jakarta things to do and see

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