Lombok Island Things To Do and See

There is one of stunning Hidden Paradise where you can have an option nice holiday in Indonesia, it is just 25 minutes by flight or 5 hours by slow ferry boat and 2 hours by fast boat from Bali Paradise Island. the place is called Lombok Island Things To Do. There are many interesting places, Things to Do, to enjoy your holiday time with your friends or family alike hiking second highest active volcano in Indonesia, Mount Rinjani, relaxing on white sand beach as well as it has pink beach too. Others, Sightseeing the cultures and tradition also might one to consider when you come includes meeting Sasak people at their villages.

As i have been to Lombok Island and visited most part of  it, it is provided everything what you need for Lombok holiday. The infrastructures are all very good includes the road, hotels, vehicles and easy to find anything such as western food, local cuisine, live unplugged music and nice hanging out bars. Famous place for night life, Things to Do and dining is in Senggigi area where you can find nice restaurant with front beach view as well as finest hotels. You may also consider having dining in Mataram city but it serves most local food which i think, you should try while away from home.

Beside Lombok Island Things To Do, there is one famous isle just 45 minutes by boat, called Gili Island. the three isles here are offers fantastic view as well as under water panorama. These Gilis are Trawangan, Meno and Air. amongst three gilis, Gili Trawangan is famous one.

Lombok Island Things To Do

when you come to Lombok, There are five things you should not missed: Try to hike Mount Rinjani, Visit remote villages includes rice terraces view, Sightseeing biggest waterfall and do soft trekking, Visit traditional Sasak village which they are still looking after their tradition and Eyewitness how Sasak people making the Sarong and pottery. Of course, relaxing on the beach and do the diving is other nice option too on Lombok Island Things To Do. Have you been to This Island and Hiking this Volcano?
lombok island things to do

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