Lombok Tourism Information and Benefits

Since it was open for Indonesian Visit Year 1991 by formerly president of Indonesia, Bapak M.Soeharto, then Lombok Tourism is playing in important role of local incomes beside the farming. Nowadays, you can see the good benefits of the impacts by welcoming people to visit this island. We can get a job easily, because many hotels are opened as well as local tour operators (of course it must have skills at least knowing good English) and through the locals government, many training courses school is opened too. It helped many locals to improve their skills in tourism industry on Lombok island. As i was, before Visit Indonesian Year is not opened yet, it was bit hard finding decent work due to i’m not having master degrees, also the requirement to get better job, need a lots application, can not stand with that. I’am just knowing how to read well the directions and how to count money. it should be enough for bringing my life to great future. yes, Thank you for Indonesian Visit year that i can get decent work to the present. This is one of the small good benefits about tourism. The huge one is people who has money. They can develop new place for tourism business.

Lombok Tourism Information and Benefits.

Most developed now tourism area is in Gili islands (Trawangan, Meno and Air) comparing to mainland of Lombok. It is just most developed in certain areas alike in west coast and it is centered about the township of Senggigi. This is because of recently direct fast boat services have been running from Bali making a direct connecting to the Gili Islands. Although in general, Lombok Tourism already rapidly changing but the Gili islands still provide both a lay-back backpacker’s retreat and a high class resort destination as well as extending to Tanjung in the northwest at the foot of Mount Rinjani includes the Sire and Medana peninsulas.

Other place in mainland of Lombok is developing, Kuta area since the opening of the International airport in Praya. Since then, increasing amounts of visitors to visit Kuta especially surfers from around the world come here seeking out perfect surf and slow and rustic feel of Lombok Tourism. One of the advantage by developing tourism is, locals people is having decent work. of course in this context, any individuals keep the role towards the sustainable tourism.

when you come to Lombok, do not missed visiting this places:
Mount Rinjani.
Gili Bidara.
Gili Lawang,
Narmada Park.
Mayura Park.
Kuta Lombok (distinctly different from Kuta, Bali).
Sekotong, in southwest Lombok, is popular for its numerous and diverse scuba diving locations.

Arrange your accommodation in Gili Island and Lombok, some them listed below
Senggigi Area:
Villa Killa.
Aruna Graha (formerly Graha hotel).
Sheraton hotel.
Core Hotel***.

Kuta Area:
Novotel Hotel.

Tanjung Area:
Medana Resort.
The Oberoi.

Mataram City:
Santika Hotel.
Aston Hotel.
Golden Palace Hotel.
Lombok Plaza.
Santika Hotel.
Lombok Astoria Hotel.

Gili Trawangan Area:
Villa Ombak
Villa Almarik
Luxury Kelapa Villas

Gili Meno Area:
Seri Resort
Meno Mojo Beach resort
Karma Reef

Gili Air Area:
Sunrise Resort
Villa Karang and Restaurant
Gili Air Lagoon Resort.

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