Mount Rinjani Information and What You See

In this topic, i would like to talk and giving about Mount Rinjani Information according to my experienced several time climbing this volcano from 1993 to 1998 and  the last time on 2002, i could not make to the top due my physical condition but i was being a Rinjani Mountain summiteers. Actually there are 3 plus 1 highest peaks in Indonesia. three of them are still active volcanoes located in Sumatra, East Java and Lombok Island. The other one with highest peaks more than 4000 altitude located in Jayapura province. named is Carstensz Pyramid Indonesia or Puncak Jaya. Beside those highest peaks, there are many active volcanoes which spread through Indonesia archipelago.

Mount Rinjani Information

Nowadays due to easy to get the info and reliable resources via internet. Most travelers are knowing about Lombok Island as they will search before going especially about Mount Rinjani Information. i;am just here adding more based on my experienced about this mountain especially what you might See and Do during climbing the volcano. (Please note that the volcano trek from Dec to end of March every year is closed due to rainy season). There are several option how to get to the peaks of Lombok volcano but most common trekking routes via Sembalun and Senaru village which is allowed by the park authority. Others trek routes, you must get special permit before hiking up to the volcano unless or book through local tour operator which they have licenses from park officers. it mean that the local operator has experienced doing this trek routes and it has done the unusual trek routes many times. of course you must be fit in mental and physical condition too plus experienced hiker.

If you are looking for hiking programs for Mount Rinjani Information which is the only reason when people searching about Rinjani mountain that they would to climb the volcano. There are most wanted programs and what You See during Mount Rinjani Packages  3 days and 4 days hiking itinerary. This hiking programs most started from Senggigi hotel areas which the local tour operator will pick you up in the morning alike 5am with additional extra services picking your group at Lombok airport on the day you will arrive. To be on your volcano hiking on Lombok, just make sure double checking the all information of Mount Rinjani itinerary such as what does inclusion, Exclusion, Equipment as well as payment option.
mount rinjani information

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