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Hi! I’m Ramadh Khan. Thanks for stopping by.
Firstly, i would like to greet you by saying Hello Adventurer! Welcome to my world My Life My Adventurer blogs. Thing to know about me, there are two what it is always stick in my mind ( it is always two^_^). Behaviour + Mindset and Guiding is my bread & Butter + Experience is my best teacher. ( two children are enough – could not make it, just have 1 daughter but i’am happiest^_^). These sentences are all influenced of my life and career in tourism industry. The behaviour is about my daily life, The mindset is about my whole life (changing big thing), Guiding is my life income and Experiences is one of my best teacher that teaching me about life that i’am most learning by doing. My Life My Adventurer!

my life my adventurer

Through my Blog, You are welcome to share your expertise or a comment or request an information about Indonesia – The highest volcano, the deepest blue sea and the dense of wilderness, – i’am gladly to answer and happy to share my experiences with you. Some people say: Life is short. Take the trip. Buy the shoes. Eat the cake. At least, No last, Enjoy to My life my Adventurer travel 2017.