Things To Do In Toraja – South Sulawesi

Things To Do In Toraja, South Sulawesi.
Parts of one best tourist destinations in Indonesia which each of provinces has typical of its own unique cultures which i personally putting high respect to my own country as it is really unity in diversity. One of amazing place within South Sulawesi province known as The real-life story of the “walking dead,  The Toraja Land. The located is about 8 hours driving time from Makassar city.  The question, is it worth seeing the Toaja land? The answer is more than worth, this is worth a visit by 8 hours driving. Because on the way, you will enjoy the different scenery as well as local villages and the Torajan cultures itself.

Things To Do In Toraja.

01. Talk to The Locals
Other adventurer souls is mingle with locals, Why? Because by knowing them, you know their cultures, tradition and mentality. There are two things when i travel. Try the locals food as well as talk to the locals. of course the real essences of the trips.

02. Drink Tana Toraja Coffee.
This is one of my best moment when visiting Toraja Land, drinking their traditional coffee. don;t missed it.

The Lemo funeral site dates back to the 16th century. To reach Lemo you need to walk along a small path from the main road between paddy fields

04. Attend a Funeral.
when i received email from my valuable customers, when is the best time visiting Toraja and Things to do in Toraja. It is in Christmas time during December. Because You will have a chance to see the mummies as they are walked in a liter around the village.

05. Londa.
The grave site is located 6KM outside of Rantepao. It’s only 15 minutes away by car

06. Bori Parinding.
The site is a 15 minute drive outside of Rantepao along clear open roads.

07. Kambira.
Kambira is one of the most famous funeral sites in Tana Toraja.

08. Ke’te Kesu’.
Ke’te Kesu is one of the most famous tourist attractions in Tana Toraja.

09. Sillanan.
Sillanan is 35km South of Rantepao. If you want to sample village life there are home stays in the village where you can stay.

10. Bolu Market.
From Rantepao you can get public transportation to Bolu Market. There are hundreds of people trying to sell their buffaloes and pigs at the Bolu market.

11. Gunung Sesean.
If you want to hike Gunung Sesean the best time to leave is at midday. It’s a 6 hour climb to the top of the hill.

12. Batutumonga.
It’s definitely worth visiting and there’s a nice cafe/ restaurant nearby where you can get some tasty food.

13. White Water Rafting.
it has two option river rafting. for family friendly rafting must be at the Sa’san river and for the faint of heart, you should go to The Mai’ting river. the local tour operator offers various rafting packages as well as Toraja Overland.

14. Hiking Tours.
Hiking is one most wanted activities for travelers visiting the Toraja Land and this is one of Things to do in Toraja.

Need Accommodation in Toraja? Here are Best Hotels in the Highlands:
Luxury Hotel – The Misiliana Hotel
Mid Range Hotel – Luta Resort
Budget Hotel – Hotel Indra

Have you ever been to Tana Toraja or other places in Indonesia? Life is Short. Take the trip. Buy the shoes. Eat the cake.
things to do in toraja

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