What To Do in Bukit Tinggi Padang

When i visited West Sumatra, it was impressed me much by it’s culture of Minang as well as the women how do they wearing the custom. Other that lured me to visit Padang because i would to experience What to Do in Bukit Tinggi Padang. Yeah, i enjoyed very much exploring this city as it is one of wonderful Indonesia. First landed at Minangkabau International airport, it was presented by the nice feeling with architecture airport building with typical of Minang house. I stayed a night in Padang what i thought that visiting about one of Legend that i have ever heard since i was at elementary school , it is Malin Kunadang Stones. It is the legend where the Malin kundang went back home to Padang after for years wandering around as wealthy person but unfortunately, he was snobby and he didn’t acknowledged his own mother, then his mother oath him to be a stone which now we can see the stone southern part of Padang at Air Manis Beach.
Batu Malin Kundang

What To Do in Bukit Tinggi Padang.

Bukit Tinggi is 2 hours driving time from Padang airport, how to get to Bukit tinggi, there are many alternative which one you prefer to choose, of course it is depending on your budget too. i hired private car to escort me to Bukit tinggi which makes me more conviniences and also i would to enjoy as much as along the way up to Bukittinggi. Stopped enroute to the waterfall Anai, selfie with my cellphone camera, eating at Minang restaurant which i Love Padang food, it is one of my favourite Indonesian food.

You should not missed when visiting Bukit Tinggi, so these places are within walking distance.

01. Sianok Canyon.
A green, long and steep canyon.

02. Japanese Caves.
A network of underground bunkers and tunnels built by the Japanese during World War II.

03. Fort de Kock.
A fort built by the Dutch (actually, it’s just a little outpost tower).

04. Limpapeh Bridge.
A pedestrian overpass connects the Fort de Kock on one hill to Bukittinggi Zoo on another hill.

05. Bukittinggi Zoo.
The town’s zoo, located on the top of a hill, opposite to the hill of Fort de Kock.

06. Rumah Gadang Baanjuang.
A rumah gadang (Minangkabau traditional house) used as a museum of Minangkabau culture and history.

07. The Birth House of Bung Hatta.
Muhammad Hatta (Bung Hatta) is the first vice president of Republic of Indonesia.

08. Jam Gadang.
Means, The Great Clock. This is the main landmark of Bukittinggi.

Others What To Do in Bukit Tinggi Town

1. Koto Gadang.
It’s a quiet and pleasant farmer village near the Sianok Canyon.

2. Mount Marapi and Mount Singgalang.
Bukittingi is located between two majestic volcanoes, Mount Marapi and Mount Singgalang.

There are actually many What To Do in Bukit Tinggi Padang, you can discuss through comment form, perhaps you may get other reliable resources information based on the experiences of travellers who already visited Bukit Tinggi. Enjoy your trip.
what to do in bukit tinggi padang

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