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When you would to go anywhere such as traveling outside from your source country to, for instances to Yogyakarta, there are a several questions in your mind beside the place is ready chosen, some of them are: What To Do in Yogyakarta, What to see, Where to Stay and What are reliable local tour operator (if necessary you needed). This kind of questions automatically came up in to our mind, another question is about safety. Because it seem like easy to pick a holiday destination but also it look like hard to decide especially IF you never been to that places. Through  my blogs, you can have Q&A by leave a comment in my post. So that we can communicate like having direct conversations.

In my blogs, i will give a bit more information What To Do in Yogyakarta and of course, you can find more reliable resources information about Jogjakarta through internet. Not uncommonly written Jogjakarta or just Jogja but both are the same. Yogyakarta is usually pronounced, located southern part of the Central Java province, Indonesia. This city has given by Indonesian government as It is a special region or in Bahasa Daerah Istimewa Yogyakarta (D.I.Y). The cities belong to Jogja are:
Sleman on the slopes of fiery Mount Merapi to the North.
Bantul all the way to the sea to the South.
The hills of Gunungkidul to the East and
The low lands of Kulon Progo to the West.

What To Do In Yogyakarta

There are most popular local attractions when visiting Yogyakarta, some of them are:
Sightseeing around Borobudur temple includes enjoying the stunning views from the Borobudur.
Ramayana Ballet Show at open theatre location in Prambanan temple.
Viewing of Merapi from Ketep pass.
Seeing the beautiful colour of Dieng plateu
Enjoying by feet at Malioboro street at night where you can find many locals food, it is typical of Yogyakarta.
And most wanted What To Do In Yogyakarta is Mount Merapi Trekking.

Beside the attractions mentioned, there are still many of What Yogyakarta has offers alike you can learn Gamelan or Wayang Orang or do shopping for typical of Jogjakarta souvenirs.
what to do in yogyakarta

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