Where To Go in Lombok – Discover Lombok 2019

Where To Go in Lombok? if you discover LOMBOK , It has an enormous potential such as history, cultural heritage, old traditions, excellent handicrafts and interesting local communities such as the Buddhist villages in Lombok’s north – west highlands. Splendid beaches lining the southern coast and fertile rice terraces dominant around the foothills of Mount Rinjani in East Lombok.

Belonging to the Indonesian Province of West Nusa Tenggara, Lombok comprises of four administrative: West Lombok, Central Lombok, North Lombok and East Lombok. The capital is Mataram within West Lombok which also is the capital for the Province of West Nusa Tenggara (Lombok island / Sumbawa island) . The west coast most populated and is historically rather significant. Having been colonized by the Balinese Rajas and later by the Dutch, an array of interesting heritage buildings can be explored and studied. Balinese still living in West Lombok and their temples plentiful in and around Mataram.

Where To Go in Lombok – Discover Lombok.

Lombok ethnic population Sasak people who of Islamic religion but in parts they still adhere to traditional customs such as ancestor worship and animism. Apart from the Sasaks and Balinese, Lombok comprises of communities such as the Arabs, Chinese and Buddhists. The cultural display of these groups is fascinating.

And Where to go in Lombok, of course there is Mount Rinjani, Lombok’s awesome volcano with stunning views over Bali, Sumbawa and Flores. The crater lake features a smaller volcano adding to the dramatic scenery of this spiritual. Mount Rinjani Trek unforgettable experience but should only be attempted by fit and healthy people.

East Lombok centre of exquisite arts and crafts and features splendid country sides for soft trekking, refreshing in stunning waterfalls, exploring tropical flora and fauna and learning about the outstanding colorful traditions. The comprises of the best coral reefs and white sand atolls far away from commercial tourism.

An important cultural part of LOMBOK art of weaving and pottery. Those places are where to go in Lombok and Explore, Dream, Discover.

Outback trips to isolated villages, Sasak music performances in far away mountain hamlets and agriculturally inspired tours as well as pearl farm visits part of our very different itineraries.

But of course, where to go in Lombok, you also can laze on white sandy beaches, go scuba diving with the most professional providers or enjoy sunset trips on typical wooden perahus, the traditional local fishing boats. Be surprised by the beauty and variation you can find on Lombok, a pristine paradise 25 minutes by plane from Bali.
where to go in lombok

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